Deerfield students learned the value of persistence from best-selling author, Wendy Mass on Author’s Day

On March 20th, 3rd through 6th grade Deerfield School students celebrated Author’s Day with a visit from best-selling author, Wendy Mass. Students had the opportunity to learn about what it means to be an author and about the writing process.

The students were engaged during Ms. Mass’s presentation and asked really good questions at the end of each session. Deerfield teachers thought she did a great job explaining the writing process and gave them tips they can use with their students. “One huge take away was the short video she shared of the 49 rejection letters she received for her first book in 2003, Mango-Shaped Space. These letters made her even more determined to succeed at her dream. She told the students to not give up on their dream, regardless of what it is, even if people are telling you that you can’t do it.” said Miss Sharon Bradley, School Media Specialist and sponsor of the grant funded by the Mountainside Education Foundation (MEF).