MEF is a third-party, nonprofit organization incorporated and operated for the benefit of the Mountainside, New Jersey public school children.


  • Promote and sponsor imaginative approaches to educating students.
  • Stimulate community interest and confidence in the schools.
  • Secure funds for educational programs, mini-grants, & aids for curriculum, above and beyond those provided by the school budget.


The primary purpose of the MEF is to provide an ongoing centralized source of funds and resources to assist the Mountainside School District in maintaining and enhancing the quality of education. 


The Foundation strives to achieve this mission through the following goals:

  • Foster successful partnerships between the school district, community residents, alumni, and local businesses. 
  • Enrich academic development in our district by raising funds and distributing the proceeds directly to our schools in the form of grants. 
  • Facilitate student development by providing funding for enrichment activities.
  • Support the school district by funding areas of identified educational need.  These areas include, but are not limited to, the subjects of the arts, humanities, mathematics, and science. 
  • Support the Mountainside School District’s long-range technology plan through funding for technology equipment, training, and educational applications.
  • Encourage new and innovative educational programs that are otherwise not funded through traditional sources.


2022-2023 Officers
Co-Presidents: Lisa Klemens and Sara Gesser

Secretary: Genevieve Cooper
Treasurer: Jeannine Hyman
Media Team: Nanda Marques, Janice Kelly, Karen Malet, Liliana Oliveira

Board of Trustees

  • Christine Barbera
  • Linda Conners
  • Karen Dillon
  • Jeni Ford
  • Cheryl Isbirian
  • Adrienne Matejek
  • Danielle Miranda
  • Christine Pfeiffer
  • Jennifer Pinto
  • Lauren Ramos
  • Claudia Shehady
  • Stephanie Trano
  • Danielle Ward